Jens de Langer

Jens de Langer eats, drinks and breaths music. He wrote his own songs when he was 8 years old and played drums and percussion for 7 years before he started dj-ing.

After some experimental projects, Jens started producing in 2002. With software like Reason he made “The Sidewalk” and did a limited pressing of 300 copies himself. This track got listed in an Essential Mix in 2004. In the couple of years after that, Jens developed himself, with better software and equipment and produced several tracks, like “Colour Me Blue”, “See” and a remix of “Don’t Phunk With My Heart”, by the Black Eyed Peas.

As a DJ and as a producer Jens de Langer has passed various (sub) styles of electronic music, from progressive- to electro house, but also inspired by music from the eighties, italo disco, dub, jazz and indie rock. Jens: “music catches me when it’s not definable as one style or genre. I love sounds that fade borders.”

Now, Jens de Langer has found his musical Self in a more authentic blend of driving tech-house with flavours of deep, black funk. Not really coincidentally while he started working at 90watts. In the early months of 2009 he found this new home base in Amsterdam, which is one of the fastest rising tech-house labels in the Netherlands. On 90watts he released “Life Is Synchronicity”, inspired on spiritual principles of life.

Besides the hard business of running the public relations and promotion of 90watts, Jens released an EP called "Arcturian Armitrage", a collaboration with Van Meeteren & Hyde.

As in 2010 the main focus was on running the label, in 2011 Jens intents to work more on new productions and DJing. At the end of 2010 his remix of El Mundo & Satori's Free Men We Are was released and for the months to come 2 more tracks are being scheduled for release. Previews of them are available for listen on this page.







© 2010 Jens de Langer, The Netherlands